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Are you dealing with a toothache and in need of fast relief? Whether you have a convulsed (knocked out) tooth, throbbing abscess, or an unbearable toothache, the Hoyos & Pinto team is here to help you find fast relief. Even if you feel like you can “handle the pain,” a persistent toothache is a sign that your oral health requires immediate attention.

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We treat the following types of dental emergencies for Fairfax Station patients:

Dislodged or loose teeth, cracked and chipped teeth, soft tissue injuries, facial trauma, toothaches, and more.

If you believe you have a dental emergency, call as soon as possible so we can prepare for your arrival.

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How to Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth can survive outside of its socket for up to one hour. If you have a knocked-out tooth, following these tips can help ensure the tooth can be successfully reinserted into the socket where it can reintegrate with the hard and soft tissues. 

Note: If your dental trauma coincides with other serious trauma, such as a concussion or head injury, call 911 or visit your nearest immediate care or emergency department. 

Do not touch the roots of the tooth.

The roots of the tooth are very fragile and can be irreparably harmed if handled incorrectly. Therefore, only handle the tooth by its crown.

Do not attempt to clean the tooth.

Even if the tooth landed on the floor or ground, you should refrain from attempting to clean the tooth. 

See if the tooth will fit back into its socket.

Sometimes, a knocked-out tooth can be reinserted successfully into the socket without much effort. Do not try to exert too much pressure, as this can damage the roots of the tooth. 

Place the tooth in your cheek or a glass of milk.

To improve the chances of successful reinsertion, the tooth needs to be kept moist and at a pH level similar to the mouth. To accomplish this, you can either tuck the tooth into your cheek and bring it with you, or place it in a glass of milk. If it’s a child’s tooth and there’s a choking risk, you could also place the tooth in a paper towel and keep it moist with spit.

Visit us as soon as possible.

Remember, you only have up to an hour to reinsert the tooth before the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are irreparably damaged.

Don't Ignore a Toothache (Even if It Subsides)

Tooth pain often indicates that there is an underlying infection. Often, the pain is the result of inflammation pressing upon the nerves of the tooth. Inflammation is the way the immune system responds to infection. It’s also important to note that infections inside the tooth do not typically resolve themselves on their own. So, if you are experiencing tooth pain and notice the pain goes away after several days, you should still make a point to visit your dentist. What you may be experiencing is nerve death inside the tooth and jawbone, which can lead to further complications with your oral health. 

Emergency Dentist Fairfax VA - Hoyos & Pinto Dentistry
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Hoyos & Pinto prioritizes dental emergencies such as toothaches and dental trauma. If you have a dental emergency, call us now so we can prepare for your arrival. 

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